Sunday, June 20, 2021

RadMission 1 Assembly Instructions

Tomorrow is the evening that I plan to assemble (and test) the RadMission, so I'm watching this video in preparation.

Thursday, June 17, 2021

The RadMission 1 has arrived

 As I mentioned, I probably won't get a chance to assemble it until Monday, but it has arrived!

Wednesday, June 16, 2021

Delayed a day

 About an hour ago I got an text from Fedex that my RadMission won't arrive until tomorrow (6/17).  It's really hard to be angry since tomorrow will be three business days before I expected it to be here😀.

Bike Tools & Accessories

Over the last few days, I've bought a few things to get ready for ebike life.  As you may know, I have a great toolbox with almost everything a homeowner should have.   When I started viewing the videos about RadMission assembly, I found that I might not have been quite ready.

I went to Harbor Freight and picked up three tools,  Here's what I got and why.
  • 3/8 In. Drive Click Type Torque Wrench - Believe it or not, I've never owned (and never even used) a torque wrench before.  I taught myself bike mechanics when I was a preteen/teenager and tightened everything by feel.   Torqueing bolts to a specific is much more scientific and the manufacturer provides those measures, so I can be sure that the bike is built correctly.
  • 3/8 In. Drive Metric Long Reach Hex Bit Socket Set, 7 Pc. -  The ebike has almost no hex nuts, but instead metric Allen bolts, so in order to make use of the new torque wrench, I needed these.
  • 5 In. Micro Flush Cutters - I think I have a pair of these that are missing the spring and when I saw the various unboxing and assembly videos. there are lots of Zip ties holding stuff together and I didn't want to use something dull or unsprung.

I then decided to order a couple of things from the Amazon folks,
  • Bike Pedal Wrench Bicycle Spanner - I've always used a small adjustable wrench to install pedals, but I wanted to be fancier for some reason (the width of the wrench is very important in pedal installation).
  • Nite Ize Wraptor - I like most of the things from the Nite Ize people. This is a way to mount a smartphone on your bicycle handlebars

Sooner Than Expected

 Wow!  I checked my tracking numbers this morning from my Rad Power Bikes.   My RadMission is expected to be here today and my upgraded display should be here next Tuesday.   Unfortunately (for the ebike anyway), we're hosting a party tomorrow night and are headed out of town on Friday afternoon.   Tonight is filled with activities getting ready for the party, so I probably won't get a chance to assemble it until Monday night.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2021

One Step Closer...

 I just got a text message from Rad Power Bikes that my RadMission has shipped, so I expect it mid-next week

Monday, June 14, 2021

Welcome to Starting the Fun - Ebiking

Yesterday, I ordered a RadMission from Rad Power Bikes. I have ridden several ebikes in the past few weeks in preparation for buying one. We were in Siesta Key and my wife and I rode Rad Rovers from the nice guys at Endless Summer, We did the Siesta Sunset Tour and would certainly recommend it to anyone who's going to be near Sarasota, FL. I then went to visit with the nice folks at ElectroBike in Atlanta. Lastly, I looked at Edison Electric Bike Co which is less than three miles from our house. So, here are the bikes that I've tried and where I rode them, along with a quick impression. 

  • RadRover Step-Thru Electric Fat Bike Version 1 at Endless Summer. I thought it was powerful (and they said that it had been detuned). It was far too heavy for me and because of the weight (71 pounds) it didn't really feel like a bicycle anymore.
  • Magnum Navigator at Electrobike.  I thought it was too powerful and heavy.   It weighs less than the Rad Rover Step-Thru,  but it still weighed 60 pounds.  I really hoped I could find something lighter and simpler
  • Electric Bike Company Model Y at Electrobike.  This is starting to feel like something I can get behind.  I didn't love the front basket, which contains the battery.   I like several other models in their lineup, but this is the only one I got to try.  This bike weighed 58 pounds, but it felt like a bicycle.
  • The BLACK from Edison Electric Bike Co.,   I love the idea of supporting a small local business, but I'm also terrified of them closing down without me being able to have the bike serviced.  My wife is leaning towards getting her ebike from there.   This bike is less than 50 pounds and really felt like a bike.  I was able to ride it with no pedal assist/no throttle.
In the end, it felt like I was paying for complexity and hardware that I don't need.  I think I will be completely happy with a single-speed ebike with no suspension for about half the price of most of these. It's worth pointing out that I haven't ridden the RadMission yet, but I have watched a bunch of reviews on Youtube and read all that I could.

Greenville SC - Ebike Trip - Day 1

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