Saturday, March 5, 2022

More RAD, with upgrades during the cold months

 Today, Amy and I went on our longest ebike ride together.   We traveled a total of 5.2 miles through Oakhurst, Agnes Scott College, then to the Path bike patch to Rockyford, then all the way to Hosea Williams, then back through Oakhurst.

This was my first significant ride with some upgrades.  These made the bike much easier and more comfortable to ride.

  • Bike Stem Riser Handlebar Riser - This raised the handlebars by a good bit and allows me to sit more upright.   Surprisingly, before, my neck really hurt during a ride because I was having to look up to see the road.
  • Comfortable Bike Seat Cushion for Men & Women - This really made today's ride awesome.  With the original saddle, I hurt for most of the ride.  Today, I wasn't at all uncomfortable on the ride and it was so much nicer.
  • RadMission Rear Rack - I guess the RadMission got redesigned recently and they were discounting the rack by 50%.  I haven't needed to carry anything since I installed it, but I did before adding it.
All of this made my RadMission Version 2.0 an even more enjoyable ebike.

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